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System Requirements for DotShoppingCart

Ensure your system is set up to support DotShoppingCart.


  • OS: Windows 2008 Server or later
  • DB: SQL Server 2008 (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition with Advanced Services works just fine) or later




I have windows XP would it work?
I have windows XP would it work?
The IIS in XP is v5 which doesn't work with DSC. If you have VS 2005+ on XP machine, you could use the Visual Studio Built-in Web Server just fine.
 It's very COOL
Does it work in Windows 7 RTM?
I'm using Windows 7 RTM, I donot know how does DSC work in this OS?
Yes, it should work.
Can DotShoppingCart V4.0 Run on SQL Server 2005
I have purchased you DotShoppingCart V4.0 and I encounter error when I installed it on our SQL Server 2005.
As my client only has SQL Server 2005, could you provide me the script which is compatible with SQL Server 2005?
Thanks in advance.
V4 DotShoppingCart Suite needs SQL Server 2008. Take a look at the installation steps. The new form module requires the sparse columns feature from SQL server 2008.
Windows 2003 Server Requirement
Any chance to use WHS which is based on 2003 and only costs $100?
You can try using WHS. If it's based on the 2003, then it should work just fine.
Hosted Environment
What do we need to do for it to work in a 3rd party hosting service provider?
Any third party virtual dedicated server or dedicated server should work. We also provide a cheap virtual dedicated plan which we can pre-install the software for you. For the shared hosting plans the results are mixed. You'd better check the hosting serivice provider about what they provide.
I have window7, will it work?
I have window7, will it work?
Yes, it will.
Ubuntu os and Mono developer ide.
Hi ,
I have ubuntu (linux based system) and open source Mono Developer ide .
please tell me that your dsc will be work on it or any exception.
I have download the dot shopping cart .
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