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5/2/2012 5:24:49 AM
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Admin User Interface
I see in your Roadmap that you are planning to upgrade the Admin user interface. I like to suggest couple of things.
In Edit Order:
  1. I think it will be very helpful if we can see the sales history of that user. If we see the sales history of that paricular customer it will help me to determine how to handle her order better.  Irregularly, we add free gift to our frequent shopper and it would help a lot if we can see her order history easily.

  2. Customer classification would be a nice feature as well. Not all customers are equal. Some customers deserve better service than the other. It will be helpful if I can classify customer (such as VIP, Professional, Big Fan, Touble Maker and so on)
  3. Red flag (similar to flagged message function in most email window) would be nice to have. If an order has special instruction that requires follow up or need to pay special attention, then we click the flag to ligh up. In order list, if we can see lighted flag.
Product Reviews:
  1. Customers leave product reviews. I wish we have Reply function to a particular review.  My reply being displayed below her review on client side, indented or boxed.