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2/20/2009 3:08:38 AM
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Windows Server 2008, IIS7 & SQL Server 2008
I was getting http 404 errors when I try and logon to the admin page.
The application pool specifies .NET Framework v2.0.50727, even though I have installed v3.5 (sp1). I changed the managed pipeline to classic and it all worked.
Just thought I'd post this for any others with the same issue.
2/20/2009 11:11:48 AM
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Re: Windows Server 2008, IIS7 & SQL Server 2008
You can get integrated pipeline work if you add the following to the web.config file.
            <addname="UrlRewriter"preCondition="managedHandler"type=" DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpModules.UrlRewriterHttpModule, DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpModules.UrlRewriter" />
            <addname="DbFileHandler"verb="*"path="dbfile.axd"preCondition="integratedMode"type=" DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpHandlers.DbFileHttpHandler, DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpHandlers.DbFileHttpHandler"/>
            <addname="DbImageHandler"verb="*"path="dbimage.axd"preCondition="integratedMode"type=" DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpHandlers.DbImageHttpHandler, DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpHandlers.DbImageHttpHandler "/>
            <addname="DbDyImageHandler"verb="*"path="dyimage.axd"preCondition="integratedMode"type=" DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpHandlers.DyImageHttpHandler, DotShoppingCart.OpenSource.HttpHandlers.DyImageHttpHandler "/>
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10/29/2017 5:09:29 AM
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Re: Windows Server 2008, IIS7 &amp; SQL Server 2008
Thanks this is very useful info!
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