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Encryption Key File DotshoppingcartMaster.key

During the installation you are prompted to specify a path to place the encryption key file DotshoppingcartMaster.key. This file is very important. It contains the key which is used to encrypt the sensitive data e.g. credit card# inside the database. The file itself is protected by DPAPI of Windows. So it's a good idea to create a backup of the file and save it offline. In case the machine crashes you can restore the DotshoppingcartMaster.key.

Here is the how you back up the DotShoppingCartMaster.key.

Manually Create the Encryption Key File
When you run the InstDSC.exe, the Encryption Key File DotshoppingcartMaster.key will be created automatically in the location that you specified. If you install it to your test environment first you cannot just copy DotshoppingcartMaster.key when moving DotShoppingCart to the production server. It's because DotshoppingcartMaster.key is protected by DPAPI. Here are the instructions on how to create a new encryption key file manually.
Move OrderPipeline from Windows Service into Web Application
DotShoppingCart Suite comes with a separate windows service called OrderPipeline. If you don't want to run OrderPipeline as a windows service, here is how you can move it inside the web application.
Install License to DotShoppingCart Suite
From the public network, log in to Site Admin. In Site -> License, enter the license key and click Install button.
Reinstall License to DotShoppingCart Suite
If you move your server or change the domain, you can use Submit Support Ticket to ask us getting your license key reset.
After your license key is reset, do the followings.
1) remove file web\app_data\license.lic
2) restart app pool
Configure OrderPipeline to work against multiple sites
If you have a server license and want to use one instance of OrderPipeline to work against muliple sites. Here is how you configure it.
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