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Reviewing and Authorizing Orders
New Orders

In your admin homepage you should find the new orders (with asteroid) on the right side. Clicking the order number will bring right into the order detail page. Another way is go to Order -> Orders. Adjust Date Range to "Today" and click Go button.

Search Order

Order -> Orders, you should set several search criterias and search orders. In Search text box you could enter any keywords about the order such as order number, customer name, order amount etc. If you have multiple keywords separate keywords by using white space. Date Range and Status filters can future adjust your search results. Click "Go" button to execute the search.

Edit Orders

Go to the Order Detail page via either Search Order or clicking the order link in the admin home page. Find "Edit" button in the Order Detail page. Click "Edit" button to change desired area. Currently you cannot edit order items. This feature will be added in the future release.

Add Notes to Order

You could add notes to the order to save some administrative information along with the order. The customer won't be able to see the notes. Only store admins can view the notes. To add note to the order, go to the order detail page (refer to Edit Orders on how to get to the order detail page) and find "Add Note" button. Enter any note in the text box above the "Add Note" button. Click "Add Note" button to save the note.

Order Pipeline

Every order has to go through different steps until it's shipped or fulfilled. These steps are called order pipelines. The typical pipeline is ordered as follows. If you have enabled Google Checkout or PayPal Express, the pipeline might be a little different.

  • Send order confirmation email
  • Authorize credit card
  • Gather items from inventory
  • Capture credit card
  • Ship order
  • Send order completion email

The order pipeline is running by order. The next step won't be started until the current step is completed. Most of the pipelines are execute automatically by the system. If the step fails the order will be marked as "Order Under Review". In that case manual intevention must be involved. Currently "Gather item from inventory" and "Ship order" are manually steps. After you credit card is successfully authorized you could collect order items. Click "Confirm Stock" button in the order detail page after you collect all the order items. This triggers the pipeline to move to the next step - capture credit card. After credit card is successfully captured, you need to print out shipping label and ship the order. After you have done that, you tag the shipping tracking# and click "Confirm Shipment" button. The system will pick up the pipeline again and send order completion email. In the end the order will be marked as shipped.

 If you see the order is in "Order Under Review" state, you need to check what failed. If credit card is failed to authorize, you need to contact customer to get the correct credit card information. You could use "Edit" button in the Order Status line to change the order pipeline step. If the step is automatic the system will pick it up. Otherwise it will wait until you click "Confirm Stock" or "Confirm Shipment" button.

Authorize and Capture Order

If you have your own merchant account and enable the credit card payment, the system will authorize and capture the credit card for you along with the order pipeline. If there is an issue with authorization or capture you need to coordinate with your customer and merchant provider to get credit card authorized or captured manually. Merchant provider usually gives you the access so called virtual terminal which allows you to authorize credit card manually. Ask your merchant provider for details. After you get credit card authorized or captured manually you could use the "Edit" button in the Order Status line to change the order status to the next step. System will pick it up and run the next step in the pipeline.

View Credit Card

If you need to check credit card# for offline processing, go to the order detail page (refer to Edit Orders on how to get to the order detail page) and find "Payment Method:" section. There is a "View" button along with the payment information. Click the "View" button and enter your user password. You should see the credit card#. The credit card# is encrypted and stored in the database for 30 days since the order is placed. System will clean out the credit card numbers more than 30 days and only leave the last four digitals for security reason.

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