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Add a Page Editor Enabled Custom Page to DotShoppingCart
Adding a custom page to DotShoppingCart is as simple as adding a page to any ASP.NET website. You can just create a page in folder that you like and start customizing your own content. If you wish to add a custom page that is integrated with DotShoppingCart e.g. page editor, theme etc, you will need to follow these steps.
1) Decide where you want to put the new page and create an entry in table DSC_Block_Type_lkp . And then retrieve the blockTypeId for the entry that has just been created.
e.g INSERT INTO DSC_Block_Type_lkp (Type, VirtualPath) VALUES ('My Page', '/Controls/Core/MyPage.ascx')
2) Add an entry to web\module.config to wire up the page url.
<add name="root" value="">
        <clear />
            <add name="MyPage" blockTypeId="99" />
3) Create a usercontrol under the path that you decided in step 1 e.g. web\controls\core\MyPage.ascx and make sure it's derived from PageBlockUserControl . You can take a look at any existing pages e.g. web\controls\UnSubscribe.ascx.cs for reference.
Open Source Edition V3 has arrived
DotShoppingCart OpenSource Edition Version 3 has finally arrived. This version is a huge leap from the previous version. Here are the major features in the new version.
Customize Product Summary Grid
DotShoppingCart allows you to customize the product summary easily. To do that just go to any product summary page and enable the page editor. Click "Edit" in the dropdown menu of the product summary block. See the image below.
Update the html code in "Product Summary Template". Notice there are tokens wrapped by %% e.g. %%ProductName%%. These tokens will be replaced by the product properties during the runtime.
Use Advanced Menu in Block Container to Achieve Another Layer of Customization
After you enable page editor, you will find a special menu item "Adavanced" in the dropdown menu of any block container. After you click it, you will see a warning sign "Note: please stop if you don't know HTML! Do not touch anything inside %% or you will get your site screwed up." As the general rule, if you are not familar with the raw HTML editing then please don't use this feature. Also you don't want to touch anything wrap around %%.